Chapter 10 – 12

Chapter 10 : Overly Zealous

We slid into the bridge after Evana, a look of concern being washed from everyone’s faces till the door closed behind us, “where’s Doctor Valentine? Is she not with you?” Hayden stared at the door wide eyed hopeful that it would open and with growing dread that it was shut. Evana sniffled, she couldn’t cry anymore her eyes were bloodshot and dry, “Doctor Valentine was, exposed to an alien contaminant upon the impact that the Alexia suffered shortly after landing, this contaminant is all over the med bay,” he sniffles each pause with her voice carrying across the room above the computers but quivering with sadness. “Doctor Valentine is dead…her…her body has gotten back up but I assure you that it is not my Valentine,” with this Evana made her way over to a seat and buried her face into her hands, her entire body shook while everyone besides me and Ewan stood as tho they had been victim to a static surge. “Ewan, whats your assessment of the damage to the med bay?” “Critical mam, the contaminant as Doctor Evana stated is everywhere and the entity in the room appears to be hostile in nature, so in short out of use until a way to deal with the contaminant is discovered and applied.”

Hayden curled her hands into fists and slammed both onto the briefing table, “god ducking damn this planet and this job, I’m going to glass this planet and then that entire moon with him on it when we get back!” Hayden screamed losing her composure for a rage filled moment before straightening up and walking to the front of the bridge to look outside. “Muther…fuckers…” Hayden exclaimed and her shoulders slumped as a direct communication began to flare up on the screen of the main desk, the symbol of the state of science flickered across the screen for several moments before a voice boomed over the speakers, “I am the Arch Confessor Sloan DeVolantes,” he paused briefly before smirking, “here to settle the score with me Captain Hayden Dogma? Or, maybe to join my ranks like you did on Mars hmmm?” Hayden’s face went from slightly annoyed to red with flustered rage, everyone’s attention had shifted from the main screen to the captain.

Surveying the situation, Hayden quickly shot her eyes across the room in one build sweep. No one had drawn a gun on her yet and were staring in almost disbelief her left hand swept up from her side fingers dancing on the small leather latch on her holster, her thumb placing itself around the grip using the momentum all while her back arched as she lowered her profile to an aggressive lean, ready to dodge; she stopped there for a moment waiting for someone else to draw or place their hand on their weapon. No one did. In a room in which she had been outed as a terrorist, a zealot even, everyone should have tried to kill her instantly, the bounty out on zealots was nice and high. Unit_L3.w15 looked up at the captain from the device he had been monitoring, “Captain I think I speak for all of us in that we trust you more than we do a stranger,” with that L3w1s turned off the inbound broadcast and the deranged zealot vocalised ramblings with the device he was holding.

Her hand dropped from the pistol, her back straightened and she was left with a flushed embarrassed look on her usually pale face, “okay, thank you Lewis, I guess I owe you all explanation as to why that zealot knows me.” “Nah, not really,” Jenny interjected, “you’re my captain and thats that, I’ll shoot anyone who says otherwise.” while in that last bit making sure everyone could see her stroking her right leg with her heavy blaster holstered to it; Jerome followed her hands with his eyes a little too long and far too eagerly if you asked me then following her up with, “If Jenny’s with you, I’m there too Captain.” Ewan let out a heavy sigh and lowered his head into his hands briefly, “I knew something was up,” raising his head he shrugged, “what needs fixing Captain.” Evana simply raised her head from her hands briefly to look at the captain, her face wet from her silent tears, eyes clear; she coughed to clear her throat, “I’m not about to commit mutiny Captain,” with that she dragged her sleeve across her face sniffling as she wiped away mucous and tears from her face. I simply looked at Hayden smiled a wide smile and nodded, “I’ll stay by your side till the end Captain.”

“What did I ever do to deserve a crew as good as you guys…” Hayden reached up to her face and wiped away a singular tear, “OoKay, let’s get to it, we’re here to steal an artefact from these zealots and return it to the buyer, from what I’ve been told it’s used in burial rights.” She looked at Ewan raised her wrist across her body pressed a few buttons, “that’s what I’ve got Ewan, see if you and Clark can make any sense of that and help us find it and get off this rock A S A P, thank you.” With that me and Ewan turned to leave the room, briefly stopping by Evana to make sure she was okay; she wasn’t, not really.  

Ewan reached for the panel to open the door, when suddenly something slammed off the door again. Thud, thud, thudthudthud. Noticeably taken aback Ewan pulled himself from the door panel losing his balance and lading on his back side in the motion of his being startled. Jenny cocked an eyebrow and raised her gun toward the door, the safety made a satisfying bing as the gun readied itself to blast a hole in a target after having not been needed for well over a month now.

The slamming of the door stopped, in its place there was a loud scraping sound like nails on a chalkboard, I covered my ears to save myself from the prolonged discomfort, nobody else seemed bothered enough by the sound to bother protecting their ears. Then just as I thought it couldn’t get any worse, in the small window of the door into the hall what was Valentine raised it’s head into full view. “Fuck that,” Jenny shot through the glass once where it’s head was; the glass didn’t shatter as much as there was a perfect circle  three centimetres in diameter burned through the glass. The molten glass residue blistered up and poured over the edges turning black as it cooled, the wall across from where Jenny took the shot had a black burn on it three centimetres in diameter.

“Open that door now, I want that thing found and removed from my ship alive or dead!” Hayden barked to which Jerome and Jenny set off out the door, guns at the ready for running into the remains of Valentine. I turned towards Evana and could see her visibly shaking with fear, I put my hand on her shoulder to try to comfort her but she shrugged me off and staggered out the words, “her forehead, the needle, no wounds.” She just stared at the area where the thing had raised it’s head clutching the sides of her head, pulling at her brown hair in a distressed manner.

I didn’t know what she meant and just looked at Ewan, “I think it’s been a hard day for our poor Doctor,” turning then to Hayden I stood up straight, “permission to take Evana with us, doors locked till told otherwise?” She looked at me her features relaxing from the stern angered face she had ten seconds ago when giving the order to hunt down an ex member of the crew, “yes, look after her for me Clark, she’ll be in safe hands if she’s with you.”

With that me and Ewan grabbed the doctor each with one arm around her sides and made our way out of the bridge and back towards the engineering deck. As we left the room we could just glimpse Jerome and Jenny turning the corner guns poised to blast the first thing they seen into charcoal.

On the way back to our deck, nothing much happened, we could hear the occasional discharge of weapons somewhere on the ship and when we tuned into Jerome and Jenny’s security frequency it was just them chasing whatever was on the ship into a corner only for it to ‘slither’ away and the captain would egg them on after it. The only other thing that we really noticed was the slow mental degradation Evana seemed to be going through as she just kept muttering to herself as she walked either being held by us or for at least some of the way back without support, neither of us could make out what she was saying and decided with a look that it would be better to just get her into a comfortable pod as soon as possible.

The door was shut, and on opening it we were greeted by the massive mess that had been left in the wake of the earlier crash, tools and bits and bobs were littered across the room, collectively we let out a sigh as we both knew that we’d had to tidy this shit up before long and it was going to be a pain in the ass. “Lets just put her in your pod? It seems to be the least messy and already has a few pillows in it from when you curl up in there for a nap when you think I’m not looking.” I turned to Ewan with a rather red and embarrassed face, “you knew I went for naps in there?” He just chortled to himself as he led Evana into the comfortable pod, “lock the main door for me will ya?” Letting out a sigh as he’d found out my best spot to nap I let my shoulders sink a little in relaxation, turned and keyed in the lock code for the door and then moved towards the holo station and keyed in the code to lock down the entire deck, “There, secure, the only things in this deck are us.” “Well…unless there was anything else already on this deck…” Ewan chipped in grimly.

Just as if to spook us more than Ewan had, a plaz welder fell from it’s precarious position on a work surface and clattered off it’s canister on the floor. “O my fucking god, lets clean this bucket of lasers and tinnitus before I slip on a cutter and slice y knee open.” With that we got to work, rummaging through the mess of the work area sorting the junk into the correct areas between, canisters of fluid, gases, screws, blots, transistors, resistors, conductors, tools and many more bits and pieces that we went through.

With the collection of bits put away Ewan unclipped his rotary plasma cutter from his utility belt, pulled up a chair and inspected it over the now empty work top, “You see this part here? It’s a circuit I made myself, I dunno how well it’ll work but it should overheat the plaz almost to its gaseous state, so it should cut well burn through most things, or it’ll just fry the circuit and I’ll get a nasty shock and a good burn from the blow back” he laughed at the thought while gesturing to his hand which already had a few burn scars on its surface.

After a while just resting we both decided that we should check out the rest of the deck, make sure that nothing was broken or loose, the air purifier and hydroponics being a main point of interest. That’s what we told ourselves we were looking for, but really we were uneasy; we didn’t know where the thing was, we asked Jerome if they had caught it yet but he just said that they had lost it and were still looking. Bastard could’ve just told us that they’d got rid of it so we could rest easy for a bit before we had to fix the ship up. 

I headed for the air purifier room since I figured if that was to get fucked we would all be fucked, I forgot how dark the way around here was even with working fucking lights. After bumping off everything that was inhumanly possible to bump into and checking over my shoulder every tenth to twentieth second out of pure anxiety and fear that Valentine could have hidden in the dark down here and came out behind me without me noticing till it was too late and she was nibbling my giblets. Fortunately this didn’t happen, though I think I found the experiment six to six scurrying around, must’ve escaped Evana’s mouse colony experiment, it wasn’t uncommon for Ewan to find the escapists and give them refuge. I let out a sigh; for the fact that a mouse gave me a fright when there was an actual monster running around on the ship somewhere; as I punched in the code to the open the purification room.

The room was light in its usual deep crimson lighting, it was nice to know that this room was still getting power. No sooner had I door open for more than ten seconds and the refugee mouse ran between my legs into the room, “fuck, no you don’t you little shit, if you nibble on any of these wires it’ll take me most a day to fix any damage you do.” I swore as a hurried into the room after it to catch it before it fucked me up.

“Gottcha you slippery little bastard, now be good and don’t make me send you back to your buddies.” I held him firmly but not tightly so as not to panic him, I don’t want him biting me let alone wires and then promptly slid him into my left breast pocket for safe keeping, I’ll put the little guy in the pod with Evana when I get back to the main room.

“Eeeeeeeevvvvaaaannnneeea…” a breathy voice spoke from behind me, I froze. “Whare mi Evvveeeeee,” I felt the hot breath on the back on the neck, my hairs pricked up. An icy hand with long chalky fingers placed itself on my left shoulder and the face leaned in towards my right ear, “take me her,” the breath was a mixture blood and necrosis, if I wasn’t so stricken with fear I felt that the stomach would’ve moved itself up into my throat and emptied itself through my nose, ears and mouth. I gulped, my throat was drier than a planet after being glassed. “Evee…nnoowwww,” it hissed. It retracted its head from my shoulder and in its place came the right hand, except this one didn’t stop at my shoulder. It passed my shoulder up towards my throat and grasped, the deathly cold, long white fingers pressed tightly against my throat, it forcibly moved me out the door.

My legs moved back the way they had came, my heart was reaching a crescendo, the veins in body were screaming run; run run run run run run. I walked. The soft sickly padding of bare, sticky but most definitely wet feet moving close behind me as I led it towards Evana one step at a time. I kept my hands away from the weapon i had in a sling around my midsection, I hadn’t fired it yet and while I wanted to kill this thing than let it get to Evana I didn’t really have a good opportunity with the icy vice that was what passed for it’s hands.

The walk back was sightly faster than the walk down to the purification room, I wasn’t looking for the monster anymore, I had really stepped in it this time. I wished that I hadn’t gotten caught by this shambling corpse doctor.

We had reached the last door, all I needed to do was input the passcode and wham, the door’d be open and I had no idea what’d happen after that, it wouldn’t need me anymore I guess. Numbness filled my head like a void. I went limp, I stared with wide eyes at the floor as I slumped my body only being held up by the unfriendly hand holding my throat. 

I grant wishes.

My vision faded, my breathing slowed along with my heart; I blacked out.

Chapter 11 : Nothing to Worry About

I opened my eyes, a red light of the purification room filled my cornea. Six to six ran between my legs into the room ahead of me. My pupils dilated and my heart began to beat like a mouse’s must when it knows a cat is eyeing it.

My right hand slipped down to my gun, my left rose to my communicator. I turned sharply; six to six could wait. “I’ve found Valentine, I repeat, I’ve found Valentine,” I blurted out while pressing down on the communicator. I turned the barrel of my gun and flicked on the flash light, there she was. Standing not even five feet infant of me, clearly surprised that I knew she was there, the clothes she had been wearing were in taters, cuts, gashes and black burn marks were all over her. She straightened herself upright, the beam of the flashlight bounced over her pale body glistening where blood was present.

Her arms were longer and more like a feral beast than that of a human being, the legs had become concave like a dogs, the nails on both her arms and legs had grown substantially. Her once red flowing hair had also continued to grow much like her claws but now it looked wispy and dead dangling down her entire body towards her knees.

I was looking into her eyes and her into mine, there was a confusion subtly painted on her face, how did you know I was here, I don’t know what happened but I didn’t want what happened last time to repeat itself again. I pressed my thumb down on the safety turning it off and engaging the laser guide to show where I was aiming. The green lasers danced over her body as dust specs flew in and out of the path of the light. Her body tensed the muscles in her legs looked ready to propel her body forwards like a rocket. I pulled the trigger, it provided a lot of resistance, the gas chamber ejected its contents down the ionising tube towards the ignition and out through the separator to eject the excess that the frame couldn’t handle and finally the ionised superheated gas was propelled out the tungsten barrel towards Valentine. The fire ball that exited the barrel was a dark blue, it gun kicked back and I could feel all the excess heated gas from the gun as it pushed back into my gut like an uppercut from a burly business man who you’d spilt coffee over his laundered suit. It hurt a lot, the air exited my lungs as fast as the projectile had left the gun, tears welled in my eyes and my teeth watered from the pain. Sliding back slightly with the recoil I doubled over forwards.

A split second passed and the fireball connected with Valentine. It’s dark blue hue illuminating her entire body blending her contours with the blue light. The ball burst over figure covering her body with the sticky dark blue flame, it’s tendrils whisking up over her body setting her long red hair alight.

In the passing moments everything blurred, Valentine let out a screech and hoped out of the corridor into the ducts to her side, the flames and smoke flowing her writhing form into the wall, the smell of burning skin, hair and clothes assaulting my nose as I readied myself to take he follow up shot. It was too late she had already made her way into the ducts of the ship where I couldn’t follow her and fire again.

After a while of looking up and down the corridor for any sign of a crispy Valentine I relented and made my way into the red light of the purification room. My footsteps clinked on the metal, I reached the console and reset the purification sequence. The machinery hissed and whirled and buzzed, the impurities in the air system were being removed along with the smell of burnt Valentine being replaced with the faint scent of lavender, I still don’t know why but Evana had insisted on the installation of a lavender unit, you could barely notice it until it was removing another smell much like the smell of Ewan’s many crock pot dinners. If anything it made it a little harder to tell what time it was all the way out here. I sighed and made my way towards the signal of Ewan’s rig.

The corridors felt longer than usual each clanking footstep over metal floor sent shivers down my spine, I hadn’t finished her off, realistically she could be anywhere; I spun around sharply with paranoia clutching my gun the whole time ready to blast away but instead of a monster all I seen was the dim grey steel corridor. With a heavy sigh that I turned back around, raised a holographic projection map with crew locators on and headed towards Ewan, the lonesomeness was getting to me more here than it even had before, it mostly just made me uneasy.

Ewan was in the hydroponics room, it wasn’t a huge room, probably about the same size as a single bedroom, but even than that was spacious for what it was, the machines in the room took up hardly any space. The idea was to use small durable filters at higher pressures, so in order to build more pressure a lot of the machines were smaller, still we could process one-hundred litres every twenty hours if we needed to; we never really needed to process that amount of water as the water tank on the ship could only hold 50L at any moment in time, but it was good to know we could if needed.

I placed my hand on the button for the door, my finger tips pressing onto the cold plastic. As I pushed the button down the skin on my finger tips pressed white with pressure, click, the slight resistance from the button gave way. With a flash the door slid open smoothly, the pulsating pale blue light pulsed out of the doorway into the steely corridor. Inside the machines purred away softly, the humidity of the room flowed out towards me, leaving my nose feeling clammy but dry to the touch. I removed my fingers from the button, it bouncing up to where it once sat, I took my first few steps into the room, my eyes scanned across the room as I slowly moved in, the shadows of the machine’s winding piping cast a wreath of shadow over the left most side of the room. The small blonde hairs rising all across my body sending a shiver down my spine as my first look into the room left me fruitless; he’s meant to be in here it says he’s in here.

I paced further into the small, humid room, a fine wetness developing on nose much like grease. I raised my arm to wipe the sensation away but not long after the removal of the damp it returned once again to irritate the surface of my nose, I sighed and continued to look for a trace of Ewan.


“Huh? what was that? Are you in here Ewan?” I stammered out in confusion, clutching at my gun. I looked around the room, my pulse began to ring in my ears, my eyes darted around the room. I ducked my head down under the tables and pipes trying to get a better look around the room; nothing, there was nothing to be found, he simply wasn’t here. I had looked, the room wasn’t big and there isn’t anything to hide behind in there. I turned back towards the door and stamped my way towards it, sighing worriedly I raised my hand to the button and extended a singular finger.


I spun around, nothing. What the actual fuck is going on in here I thought to myself. I raised the locator map and narrowed in the search for just Ewan’s location blip; it was right beside me, I looked through the projection in the room, was I going mad? Flicking my eyes from the projection to the room it was evident he wasn’t in here. I zoomed the map in closer, Ewan’s blip wasn’t exactly where you’d think it should be, it was actually moving up and down very slightly as if it wasn’t sure if he was on the floor or not…

Slowly I raised my gaze up towards the feeling of the room, I felt my heart miss a beat. I felt sick, my stomach lurched and my teeth watered.

I found Ewan, or what the map said was him.

I clutched the side of my head, made my way into the darkest corner of the room and put myself between my raised knees while I sat on the floor, tears welled from both my eyes and as I began to sob Jenny pitched in on the radio, “Ewan, Clarke, how you two doin’ in there?”


I opened my coms, “It’s in here with us Jenny, it’s got Ewan I just found him…it’s horrible, please help me.” My voiced cracked and my body racked with sobbing.

“Fuck, okay, you need to open the lockdown and we’ll hunt this piece of shit down, okay, we’ll make it through this.” I couldn’t tell if she was trying to reassure me or herself at this point.

“Okay, I’ll see you soon.” I got up from the floor, took a last look at ‘Ewan’ and made my way out of the room punching the button and breaking into a jog down the corridor as tears streamed out of my wide eyes.

Chapter 12 : Everybody Leaves Me in the End

I dashed into the main room with Evana, and scrambled straight to the holo station in the room and began to enter the code to end the lockdown of the deck.

“Access, denied.” Alexia chirped, “unknown life form present on deck, crew presumed in danger, lifting lockdown would be a breach of health and safety protocol, remove threat of unknown life form to end lock down.” I thumped my fists down through the holographic keyboard onto the table as hard as I could and screamed out till my lungs hurt.

“She won’t let us in, we’ll keep trying to get in but keep yourself safe Clarke,” Jenny chimed in her voice choked with regret and frustration.

“It’s fine,” I choked as I wiped a tear away as it began to swell in the corner of my, “I’m gonna kill that bitch.” I turned towards the door clutching my gun tightly my knuckles turning white under my dark obsidian gloved hands, glancing over I looked at Evana, “I’ll be back soon, just sit tight.” I closed the door behind me and was left in the dim light of the corridor.

Thump. I jumped and turned towards the noise raising my gun in the same direction.

“Now…what’s a pretty girl like you doing in a place like this…” A hoarse, tired yet all too familiar voice grated my ears.

It was Ewan, well, most of him. His entire right arm had been taken off and kind of seared like a well done steak from just above where his elbow should have been. “I’m so glad you’re alive, what the hell happened!” I shouted at him desperately and before he could even respond I muttered, “I thought you were dead, we all did.”

“Yeah,” he croaked, “for a while I thought I was done for too, the damn bitch came out of nowhere her skin was all seared and she clawed at me while her hand was still on fire.” He gestured towards his arm, “and as you see, my arm came clean off, then the damn plasma canister on my cutter combusted and seared my arm with hot fuckin’ gel.” He paused for a moment to lean into the wall as he clutched his shoulder all while panting somewhat, the adrenalin was wearing off, he was about to collapse. “Man, that shit hurt, still does, I’m gonna go sleep it off in my pod, go even the score with her for me.” 

Before I could even suggest helping him into his pod he pulled himself past me, resting his left hand on my shoulder as he propelled himself into the room with Evana and again left me in the dark, alone.

I loosened my grip on my gun and held it loosely, I sighed and raised my left hand to face. I had been crying again. I shock my head, gripped my gun and stomped downs towards the water purification again; she wasn’t going to get away, I would burn her till all that remained would be a charred, stiff, blackened corpse that even the dental records wouldn’t even be able to identify.

Once again I entered the room where I thought Ewan had died. The door out the back of the room was open. rather it was busted open. I raised my hand to my face and pressed it against my face in front of my eyes lightly. I sighed deeply and lowed my hands, “I’m blind, I’m actually fucking blind,” I walked cautiously towards the open door as I muttered to myself, “I’ve got to see an optician when we get back.”

The room beyond was just a storage room for raw materials, I didn’t usually come in here, I didn’t really need to in all honesty I worked with components or things that had a least been refined, this was literally steel and copper and iron and other raw shit that I didn’t really care to use.

The room was in utter disarray, bars and actual junk was littered all over the floor entire shelves and boxes had been tossed about, I scanned over the room, the room was a mess of materials but I couldn’t see her there wasn’t any skin showing and from how it acted earlier I doubted that it would hide itself under heavy materials. I pressed forward the titanium rims of my boots clanging against the materials underfoot as I gingerly tired not to slip on anything underfoot.

There were two doors in here one going straight and one going left, the one going left had been torn open, the gashes were bloodied red, she was strong, scarily strong, but she is still made out of flesh, bone and blood and I could burn all of those things to a crisp.

I pressed the button to open the door; it clicked and the door started to open but no sooner had it started to open it jammed and slammed close only to attempt to open and jam then slam close; over and over and over. It clanged loudly the metal plates slamming together, grating, as the door slowly broke down; the hissing noise of the electronics and pistons breaking burning out with each slam.

“Shit..” with a heavy slumping movement I turned towards the other door, at a quick glance the other door was totally fine, “I guess I’m going this way.”

The roundabout route was more nerve wrecking than I expected, instead of following ‘it’ I was going around to face it head on, not really what a hunter would do with prey. The idea is to stalk a beast not to walk up to it, shake it’s paw and with a smile say, “I’m here to turn you into a barbecue.”

A good while passed, it was amazing how labyrinthian this entire deck was, I was lucky to have had a while to work and explore down here, but I don’t think even Ewan could tell you what the room in front of me was used for. The door was an off sickly steel colour the rest of the doors I’d went through were a nice steady grey almost the kind of grey you’d associate with cheap plastic toys. This door was strange, out of place even; as if I were on a different ship entirely.

There was no button where there should have normally been a button, in it’s place lay a hand print identification plate, I didn’t think there was anything DNA encoded on the entire ship I’d have to ask Ewan when I got back. I cautiously rested my left hand into the recess. It was warm to the touch; almost as warm as holding hands with another person; but wet, clammy even. A green light shone from the plate illuminating my hand and the excess light escaping bake myself and a the corner in it’s solid green hue. Then it flickered blue twice and the door reluctantly slid open. From the recess of the door slid a thick grey mist, hesitantly I walked into the misty room.

At first there was nothing I could make out through the mist, it covered everything, it wasn’t wet, but it was warm and sticky, clinging to my skin as I passed through it. It felt familiar yet foreign.

“Are you awake? Rather can you see me? You should be able to hear me if even just a whisper just now…”

The mist swirled around me as I heard it whistle softly like a mother lulling her child to sleep. Wispy hands of grey mist coiled around my waist embracing me in their clinging warmth, gently reaching towards my head till even my head was being caressed by the tender mist. 

I opened my mouth to speak, but instead of words all I could hear escape my lips was static, I raised my hands in front of myself expecting them to be covered in the mist instead I found that the mist was avoiding my arms as I moved them, my fingers were turning a frostbitten black and I could feel the icy cold from my arms extend into the mist. The sticky mist that was caressing me started to feel less like it was caressing a loved child and more like it was trying to smother out a flickering flame. The loving whistle became more and more shrill as my body became colder. The noise like chalk on a blackboard caused me to raise my hands to my ears to find the shrill noise penetrated still. Angrily I swatted away the smothering mist and stormed through the grey hoping to find a way through.

After walking for what felt like a good five minutes the mist slinked away, the obscuring grey fled the room. The warm that was once in the room was gone, the room was tiny only about four meters by four meters. “What the fuck is going on here, think I’ll need meds never mind an optician when we get back,” I muttered to myself as I left the queer room behind me, re-affirming my grip on my gun as I proceed to walk away.

“This should be the last room,” I pulled up my holo nav to see if it was indeed the case. Startled, I turned to look behind me, “What. The. Fuck.” I was just in front of the broken door that busted when I tried to open it. I raised my hand to my head it started to hurt like someone had started to slide a hot needle into the middle of my forehead, stumbling with the pain I slumped onto the wall and slid down onto my ass my legs failing to keep me up or steady.


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